Character Design / Digital / Illustration · January 16, 2023

Swamp Patrol | Character Design & World Building

Swamp Patrol is a fictitious universe by Laurel Koeniger, in which a village full of mushrooms tries to survive in a deadly swamp. The Swamp Patrol consists of the warriors of the village, trying to find better ways to survive or even a better place to start a new village. Designs and ideas are protected by copyright.

Tabletop game is currently in planning.



Shroompa is NOT the wise leader of the Village in the Swamp, but he likes to entertain that image and the rest of the shroombs tend to believe him most of the time. His appearance is frightening, after all.


Swamp Patrol | Bombom is silent and gets along with Scout without words. The two make an unbeatable team in the field.

Bombom strikes either directly with his chain gauntlet, or with his stone mace. Unfortunately, since his accident with a giant snail, he can only swing one at a time – the snail now has the other arm.


Hoororshroomb is a shady fellow, but often misjudged and not that bad a guy. He rotates his cap to match his eyebrows to his mood.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to make friends with him because he constantly secretes highly toxic spores.  The spores are only non-toxic to Peppinos, a strange species of bird from the Swamp, which makes Horrorshrombs a perfect shelter for the birds. The birds give them nothing but their company in return, which seems to be exactly what Horrorshroombs need.

However, some rumor that the Peppinos have developed a pair of eyes too many because of the spores and the toxic evolution might not have stopped yet …


Swamp Patrol | Scout is mysterious and kind, the scout and archer of the Swamp Patrol. She never comes to parties, but is always invited. Is wearing purple with pride. No one seems to know a thing about her past and she likes to keep it that way.


Always dancing, almost always happy- Ella lives at the core of the Village in the Swamp.


One of the not-so-nice shroombs you could encounter in the Swamps. Slow but silent, greedy and always hungry.



Swamp Patrol | Sim is the talented tactical leader of the Swamp Patrol. He plans the execution of any operations through the Swamp. Thanks to him the village has lost only one Shroomb to the Swamp, since he’s in charge. (Yeah, that’s good.)